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Employee Ownership

Delivering benefits for employees and clients

We are the first law firm in Sussex to become employee owned. Employee ownership means that our people are at the heart of our business. Their ideas and views matter and they have a direct say in how the business is run through our Employee Ownership Trust. Our employees and leadership team are all working towards the same goal – to provide outstanding service for our clients.

Although employee ownership is on the rise, and employee owned businesses now contribute £30 billion to the UK’s GDP, employee ownership is unusual in the legal sector. We are one of only a handful of firms that has moved to full employee ownership – with our employee owners owning 100% of the business.

Employee ownership makes a difference to our employees because it means they have a direct say in the business. Because everyone who works here makes a valuable contribution, we all enjoy an equal share in our profits, regardless of job role or seniority. Our clients benefit too, because the way we treat and value our employees is reflected in the fantastic service they deliver. Research shows that employee owned businesses tend to be more innovative and resilient, delivering higher levels of customer service.

Becoming employee owned has allowed us to look to the future with confidence. We will continue to grow and create a culture that aligns with the ethos of employee ownership, where everyone who works here feels engaged, happy in their work and valued.

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