Wayleave Agreements

A wayleave agreement is a contract signed between a landowner and a utilities company which allows the company to install and/or maintain their apparatus such as pipes, cables or power lines, either above or below the land.

If I Agree To Enter Into A Wayleave Agreement Will I Receive Compensation?

Yes, you will normally receive an annual payment each year for granting the right to install and maintain equipment on your land.

Can I Terminate A Wayleave Agreement?

There will be a termination clause in the agreement setting out the procedure and notice period required if you wish to end the agreement.

Are Utility Companies Obliged To Take Care Of My Land

Absolutely.  An important element of a wayleave agreement is the reinstatement provisions which require the company to reinstate the land back to the same condition that it was before they commenced work on it.  You need to agree on issues such as soil structure, contamination and drainage.

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