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Farms, Rural Business and Property

Whether a farm is run by an individual, a family or through a partnership or company, it can be an all-consuming, complex business which is more akin to a life-style than a job. At Bennett Oakley Solicitors we understand that working on the land involves not only a significant financial commitment but the best of your time and energy as well.

We have nearly six decades of experience working with the rural sector in Mid-Sussex and we will provide you with practical, straight-forward legal advice so you can move forward and grow your enterprise. If you are selling your rural property, we will ensure the process is managed as smoothly as possible.

Buying and Selling Rural Property

It would be a mistake to think that the buying and selling of rural property is the same as the buying and selling of residential houses. They are very different and it pays to instruct a lawyer with expertise in managing rural property transactions to manage the process. Some things to consider which are unique to rural property are:

  • Issues surrounding access and rights of way. Is their sufficient access to the property? Are their public footpaths, or public or private roads running through the land?
  • Water and drainage issues
  • The selling and buying of chattels such as stables, fencing, etc.
  • Countryside protection
  • Questions regarding any water such as rivers or lakes running through the land
  • Coal mining searches
  • Boundaries

Rural Business

There are particular challenges associated with running a farm or a rural business. You can rely on our lawyers experience and pro-active approach to ensure that your commercial matters are managed in a clear and concise way.

We can advise you on the following areas:

  • Succession planning
  • Renewable energy
  • Licences
  • Planning permission
  • Environmental matters
  • Contracts for the sale of produce and stock
  • Waste regulations
  • Partnerships

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