Terms & Conditions

All businesses that are enter into contracts for products or services need a watertight set of terms and conditions to protect their interests.

What Standard Terms and Conditions Need To Cover

To ensure you are protected you need a well drafted terms and conditions document so your customers and suppliers have a written record of how you conduct your business. Your terms and conditions should include:

  • The price of your product or service
  • The delivery method of your product or service
  • Payment terms and methods
  • How you will deal with any overdue payments
  • Who owns the copyright of your work (if applicable)
  • Cancellation methods
  • Confidentiality clauses (if applicable)
  • Refund/return policy
  • Complaints procedure
  • Changes of agreement procedures

Let Us Draft Your Terms and Conditions

At Bennett Oakley Solicitors we understand that every business is unique. We will therefore provide drafting for bespoke terms and conditions to fit your business. We will ask the right questions so we fully understand your organisation and how its interests need protecting. Due to many year’s worth of experience we can also advise you on any elements which you may not have thought of and add them to the document.

To make an appointment to come and discuss your terms and conditions drafting further please phone our office on 01444 235 232 or fill in this contact form and we will be in touch shortly.