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Business Debt Collection

An outstanding business debt can seriously jeopardise your cashflow, not to mention your piece of mind! Very few people relish in the task of debt collection, so we strive to make it as painless and simple as possible for you.

We have many years’ experience in managing debt collection. To ensure you maintain good business relationships where possible, we will sit down and discuss the form and tone that you would like the process of recovering your debt to take.

What steps are involved in collecting a business debt?

Late Payment Demand

For business debts we can send a Late Payment Demand, which is similar to a Letter Before Action, however, it will state you wish to claim interest, administrative fees and compensation for the late payment of the debt. In order to send a Late Payment Demand, both parties must have entered the transaction that resulted from the debt in course of business.

Court Action

If no payment is forthcoming after the date set out in the Late Payment Demand, then you can instruct us to begin court proceedings.

County Court Judgment

If the debtor still has not paid the debt after court action has been taken then we can obtain a County Court Judgment. A bailiff or enforcement officer will visit the debtor’s premises and they have the right to seize and sell goods in order to obtain your payment.

How we can help you manage your debt collection issues

Chasing business debts can sap you of your time and energy. We have many years’ experience dealing with debt collection for our commercial clients and we will ensure the process is completed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our Business Debt Collection Team

James Leighton

Managing Director
Head of Business Debt Collection

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