Residential Leasehold Services

As specialists in leasehold property we can help with all aspects of this area of law including:

  • Buying your freehold
  • Extending Your Lease
  • Taking over management of your block
  • Leasehold conveyancing
  • Disputes with your landlord or tenant

We are one of the few firms locally who are members of the Association of Leasehold Practitioners (ALEP). This organisation exists to ensure that practitioners involved in this sector adhere to an agreed level of conduct and service. Membership of this professional association is a badge of assurance to leaseholders and freeholders that they can be sure of a consistently high level of service, integrity and professionalism.

FAQ on Leasehold Properties

What is a leasehold property?

If you own the leasehold of a property, you will own the property for only a set amount of time – this is the lease. Leasehold is the main alternative to freehold, which is when you own both the property and the land it is built on.

What is leasehold conveyancing?

If you are looking to buy a leasehold property then your solicitor will need to look through the lease and its terms on top of all the normal legal work involved in buying a property. They will also have to deal with the landlord and/or management company as well as the seller’s solicitor.

How do I know if my new home is leasehold?

If your new home is a flat, it is likely that it is leasehold. It is unlikely that a house will be leasehold but that is not always the case. We will be able to confirm the ‘tenure’ of the property (that’s whether it is leasehold or freehold) for you at an early stage.

What is a Managing Agent?

A Managing Agent is often employed by the landlord (owner of the freehold) to maintain the general maintenance of the leasehold properties.

What is ground rent? And how much will I be paying?

Ground rent is what you pay yearly to the landlord for the rent of the leasehold property. The amount will be dependent on what is listed within the lease which we will advise you on.

What is Service Charge? And how much will I be paying?

This is a charge which covers the maintenance and upkeep of the shared areas in a block of flats such as corridors and grounds.

Service change can vary on price, the price you will pay is decided by the landlord or managing agent.


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