Property Development

Property development is an exciting, risky, complex undertaking which is able to produce both mind-boggling profits and crushing losses.

If you are investing in property development it is essential that you engage a highly experienced law firm with access to up to date information and a strong knowledge of the local business community.

In Mid-Sussex we are that firm.

What We Can Do

When it comes to property development issues you need to ensure you have covered all your bases and your agreements are watertight.  This is not an area for amateurs.  With nearly six decades of experience in the Mid-Sussex area and dynamic, driven lawyers hired for their expertise, you can be assured we will protect your interests and your investment.

We can offer detailed advice on the following matters:

  • Option agreements
  • Head of terms agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Joint venture or partnership structures
  • Obtaining finance
  • Tax planning
  • Due diligence
  • Buying and selling developed property

How We Are Different

We provide a fixed fee structure, continuous 9am to 5pm direct dial access to your lawyer and an approachable, down to earth professional relationship in which we can advise you on your venture from start to finish.

To speak to one of our staff call our office on 01444 235 232 or fill in this contact form and we will come back to you within 24 hours.