If you are thinking of buying or selling a property at auction then our property team can help.

For buyers, we can provide advice before the auction and offer a fixed fee for looking through the paperwork provided by the auction house. As well as advising you on the paperwork provided we will also tell you if there is anything that we think should be there but is not.

If you are successful at the auction, regardless of whether you have asked us for pre-auction advice, we can deal with all the post-auction formalities up to registering your property at the Land Registry.

If you are thinking of selling we can help you prepare the auction pack and much sure that it is available to prospective buyers as quickly as possible to give you the best chance of a successful sale. We will ensure the auction contract is tailored specifically to you and your lot and we will also deal with any legal questions on your behalf that prospective buyers may have.

As with most of our work, we charge a fixed fee and below we set out what these are for both a sale and a purchase.

If you have any questions or you would like to use us then please contact one of our team:

Louise Trist on 01273 956896 or

Charlotte Fox on 01273 956493 or

Auction Fees –Sale

Legal Fee for Preparing Auction Pack**  -£500.00 plus VAT .                
Anti-Money Laundering Search per person   -£6.00 plus VAT
Office Copy Entries  -£6.00 each 
Search Fees (*Estimated depending on property location)*** -£300.00


** Our fee for preparing the auction pack includes dealing with any prospective buyers questions either direct or from their solicitor.

***We will arrange for the cost of the search fees to be reclaimed back from your buyer following a successful purchase.


Additional Costs/Disbursements upon Successful Auction Bid:

Fee for preparing Completion documents -£350.00 plus VAT    
Funds Transfer Fee on completion -£35.00 plus VAT

Auction Fees – Purchase

Legal Fee for reviewing Auction Pack -£500.00 plus VAT 


Additional Costs/Disbursements upon Successful Auction Bid:

Fee for reviewing Completion Documents  -£350.00 plus VAT
Funds Transfer Fee on completion -£35.00 plus VAT
Land Registry registration fee      -£135.00                   

(*Estimated until Purchase Price known)


Inland Revenue Stamp Duty Land Tax (Dependant on Purchase Price)

Bankruptcy Search (per name)  -£2.00                                    
Land Registry Search  -£3.00
Anti-Money Laundering Search per person -£6.00 plus VAT
Search Fees (*Estimated depending on property location) -£300.00