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Divorce and Separation

Our team of family lawyers at Bennett Oakley Solicitors understand that the personal effect which separation and divorce have on you and your family can be distressing and even traumatic. The way in which your lawyer handles the sensitive issues involved may have a significant effect on all aspects of your lives.

This could include making the right arrangements for any children and settling financial issues in a way which is fair and protects the financial and housing needs of you all both now and for the future.

Whether you want to know about divorce, the ending of a Civil Partnership or perhaps a Separation Agreement, our team are qualified and experienced and can provide clear and constructive advice on the legal issues involved and deal with your requirements in an efficient and effective manner.

The only ground for divorce is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably. This may be established by showing that the other person has committed adultery, behaved unreasonably or where there has been a period of separation. You cannot apply for a divorce, or to end a Civil Partnership, until you have been married for at least one year and we can prepare all documents and guide you through the process.

The rules for the termination of a Civil Partnership are identical with the exception that there is no ground of adultery.

There are some alternatives to divorce, including Judicial Separation which follows a similar procedure although it does not dissolve the marriage or Civil Partnership. This may be appropriate where, for example, there are religious beliefs which do not recognise divorce although there is still a need for financial issues to be addressed.

Provided a divorce is not opposed, and there are no disputes over payment of the legal costs, the process will usually take about 4 months to conclude and does not require you to attend court. We can guide you through the process and will keep matters as amicable as possible particularly where there are children involved.

If you are not married, there is no formal process you need to go through to end the relationship but there may still be financial or children matters to deal with. Please see our Unmarried Family Finances and Children pages for further information.

Our Divorce and Separation Team

Stephanie Dew

Consultant Solicitor

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