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Services for Disputes

Sometimes disputes arise and these can have the potential to be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. At Bennett Oakley we aim to advise and help you to resolve the dispute in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible, hopefully leading to a speedy resolution.

Debt Collection

Bennett Oakley can help, advise and help through the courts, if necessary, in the recovery of outstanding money. We are sensitive in how we deal with the debtor and will always follow how you want the communication to occur.

Disputes over Property

Our experienced lawyers can help resolve all forms of dispute around property, whether it is an ownership, access, shared responsibility, tenant or professional service issue.

Possession Proceedings

If an eviction of a tenant is the only remaining course of action, then Bennett Oakley can help and advise. They will also advise on whether there are other steps that can be taken to resolve the situation before it escalates.

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