'Round the Table' meetings

Anthony Vingoe is the lead solicitor in our family law team and is a trained Collaborative Lawyer.  This is a procedure whereby divorcing or separating couples work together as a team with their solicitors (who must be trained in this area) and agree to try to reach a settlement without going to Court. 

Each person has the guidance and protection of his or her solicitor and will all meet on one or more occasions to discuss the issues and try to reach an agreed solution.

The solicitors have to agree not to apply to the Court and a contract known as a ‘Participation Agreement’ will be signed to confirm this.  If an agreed solution is reached, the solicitors will then incorporate this into a legally binding Court Order.  However, where no agreed settlement can be achieved then an application to the court is the last resort and the solicitors involved in the Collaborative process must then withdraw from the case thereby necessitating you to engage the services of a different solicitor. 

We find that our clients often decline the Collaborative process because they have no desire to change solicitors if an agreed settlement cannot be achieved.  We therefore promote the ‘round the table’ meeting approach which is much the same and where you can retain your trusted legal team if an agreement is simply not possible.

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