Disputes over Family Property

Although a favourite parody for writers and filmmakers, family disputes over property can be intensely stressful and tear the delicate fabric of family relationships apart at the seams. 

If you are involved in a family dispute over property we can advise you in a way that is sensitive and considerate to your situation.

Types of Family Property Disputes

We can provide clear, concise and dependable advice on the following types of family property disputes:

  • Division of matrimonial property after a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • Sorting out property issues after a relationship breakdown including ownership
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Arguments concerning family trusts
  • Disputes involving intestacy

We Can Help You Manage Your Family Property Dispute

At Bennett Oakley Solicitors we pride ourselves on being responsive and dedicated to our client’s needs. Although property disputes between families can be emotionally fraught and complex, you can rely on our solid, practical advice to make the best decisions regarding protecting your interests.

If you wish to talk to someone about a family property dispute then please call our office on 01444 235 232. Alternatively you can fill in this contact form and we will contact you shortly.