Marc Hartnell

Marc Hartnell

Consultant Solicitor

Marc Hartnell is an approachable litigation specialist whose substantial experience covers work for both private individuals and companies.

Born and brought up in London, Marc is a civil and commercial specialist whose expertise includes Contract Law (all aspects of contractual disputes, consumer credit, consumer rights law and boundary disputes).

Marc also has experience in TOLATA cases. The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 (known as TOLATA) gives the courts powers to resolve disputes about the ownership of property or land.

These cases concern disputes over property ownership involving unmarried couples, whether going to court is required or not.

Cases of note:

City of London Building Society v Flegg [1987] UKHL 6 – a case decided in the House of Lords on the priority given to overriding interests and overreaching interests.

In the limited spare time that Marc has, he is a very keen sportsman and enjoys spending time in the gym as well as road running and squash. He is a serious backgammon player and also enjoys spending quality time with his family.