Services for Landlords

From obtaining landlord insurance to maintaining a good state of repair, there are enough issues that require a landlords’ attention on a day to day basis without the added woes of legal problems.

As commercially minded business and property lawyers, we understand the pitfalls that landlords can face and the challenges that are presented to landlords when things go wrong. Whether you have a problem tenant who has caused damage to your property, a tenant who has failed to pay the rent owed, or you simply wish to end the tenancy and regain possession of your property, the team at Bennett Oakley are happy to help. We have been established in the mid-Sussex area since 1957 and have a wealth of experience in assisting landlords and property management companies in all of their legal affairs from contentious disputes, to advising on viable commercial structures to protect landlords and minimise tax liability. For most of our services, we can offer attractive fixed fee packages, meaning you know exactly what our legal services will cost you from the outset.

Possession Proceedings 

We are able to assist landlords in recovering possession of their properties and evicting tenants through various methods including through section 8 and 21 procedures. We understand that a landlords decision to retake possession of a property is never taken lightly and problem tenants can seek to frustrate the process as much as possible. Our solicitors will guide you through each step of the way, from issuing the claim at court to advocating for you at the hearing. We will ensure that your case has the best possible chance of success and our commitment to high service levels means you will always be informed of the latest developments in your case. 

Rent Arrears

Even one missed rent payment can have disastrous consequences for landlords. Many landlords will have insurance to cover loss of rent but even so, for particular tenants sometimes a more robust approach is required. We are able to assist landlords in all aspects of debt recovery and enforcement. 

Commercial Structure 

Many landlords are in the enviable position of having multiple revenue streams coming in from multiple properties. Quite often, many landlords operate their rentals in the capacity of an individual. Whilst appearing to be the simpler option, it does not provide the landlord with the protection that they may benefit from if they had a commercial entity set up to hold and manage the affairs of the property. A commercial and property solicitors would be happy to discuss your business with you and suggest IAL structures with you. 

Asim Arshad

Updated April 2019

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